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In a word "Wow!" Dr. Golab is great. He is friendly, professional, thorough, and effective. I feel much better since I started seeing him. He takes time to listen to how I feel and tailors my treatment accordingly.

The superstars of the office are Cynthias, Julia and Danika, the office staff. From start to finish, they do an amazing job of efficiently managing my visit. When I come in, I am am greeted by name, and can wait in the comfortable waiting area. There are no long waits and no back rooms where you're stuck to cool your heels. The most I've ever waited is 10 minutes and usually I'm taken back in just a couple minutes. They handle all the insurance paperwork and answer any questions I might have. All I've ever had to do is just sign my credit card slip.

The office has a range of products on display, but NEVER has anyone "pushed" anything on me. I've heard people ask about the pillows, and the staff will explain how they the products can help.

Also, there is no push to milk the maximum number of visits out of my insurance. Dr. Golab treats me as many times as needed to improve my condition. In between visits, I've needed to come in early, and it's no problem. I've had to cancel at the last minute, and it's no problem. I've had to reschedule, and it's no problem. Wow!

Dr. Golab & staff are the real deal. I couldn't recommend them more. I haven't felt this good in years!

by Pete O

Waking Up Rested: Dr. Golab sincerely cares about his patients, and he not only remembers your name; he remembers who you are. It's unlike any other doctor/patient relationship where you often feel like just another dollar to help pay for the doctor's luxury car. He's a caring friend. His staff is friendly and efficient. The wait time is minimal. I now wake up every morning very rested and refreshed instead of with a terrible backache.

by kfuerniss

A great experience: Dr. Golab is a chiropractor that cares about you and is not out for your money. He has a great staff that is courteous and very professional. I highly recommend Dr. Golab. The only negative that I can draw is that I do have to drive a ways to get there but it is well worth the gas.