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Back Belt for Low Back Pain - Worthwile?

Written By Dr. Golab's Chiropractic & Wellness P.A. on April 6, 2022

Back belt for low back pain Stone Oak


Back Belts Worthwhile for Low Back Pain in Stone Oak?

Low back pain is a quite common condition that patients attempt to self-manage before trying treatment at a chiropractic office. A low back belt or brace is something that may help patients with their pain. A review in 2008 found that lumbar belt use will not prevent back pain. How about those with pre-existing back pain?

Let’s find out in today’s article. 

Back Belt Study

A study was done in 2021 where researchers had 30 office workers (15 with low back pain and 15 without) perform sit-to-stand movements while wearing either an extensible lumbar belt, a non-extensible lumbar belt, and no lumbar belt at all.

They used 3D motion analysis and a force plate to determine that lumbar belt use provided benefits with lumbar lordosis and total trunk range of motion in the 30 workers.

In those with low back pain, the belt reduced pain intensity, pain anxiety, and fear or movement. All lumbar belts had the same results.

Best Use for Back Belts

We would like to mention that prolonged use of the lumbar belt may not be great for the patient long term because bracing can restrict normal movement and even weaken deep muscles which help stabilize the spine.

Back pain guidelines often suggest movement and discourage prolonged rest. 

The average person will sit and stand about 60 times per day, which gives about 56-64 percent total lumbar sagittal mobility.

The lumbar belt may help a patient while they are under care to adress their back pain, since it can make sitting and standing painful. 

More studies need to be conducted before clear conclusions are made and treatment guidelines ajusted, but it is clear that research shows they do help patients while they are in recovery and figuring out their disorder.

If you are in pain, see us today. We accept many insurances and are walk in friendly.

We will use an individual treatment plan to help with your specific case. 

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