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COVID-19 Precautions:

1. If you have or had a fever in the last 14 days, you will be asked to reschedule

2. You must enter the office with a mask or some toye of face covering

3. You will be give disposable gloves & booties during your session

4. Attire: T-shirt , shorts & facial covering (women sports bra preferrred, no underwires)

Welcome to Dr Golab's Chiropractic & Massage. We have increased our services to now include cryotherapy here in Stone Oak. Cryotherapy is a fantastic treatment therapy to help rejeuvanate the body and is particularly great for active sports people, but anyone can benefit from it.

The benefits of cryotherapy include:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Improve Circulation
  • Reduce Pain
  • Eliminate Toxins
  • Improve Sleep
  • Enhance Immunity
  • Improve Relaxation
  • Increase Flexibility


  • Decreased pain
  • Increased energy
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Decrease muscle spasms
  • Higher pain tolerance
  • Improved tissue healing
  • Enhanced lympthatic drainage, key to improved healing

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

The process for your cryotherapy treatment is fast and simple.

  • You step into the chamber which surrounds your whole body up to your neck.
  • It encapsulates you with non toxic nitorgen gas (-200F).
  • It is a dry chill which provides a pleasant (yes, really) cooling sensation.
  • This cooling naturally triggers your body's powerful healing and wellness mechanisms.
  • The treatment lasts for around 3 minutes. Only $25

The effects are similar to that of having an ice cold bath, but without the unpleasant shivering feeling. Despite the cold temperatures (-220F) the treatment is not as cold as you might think it would be.

So if you have seen celebs on TV experiencing cryotherapy, you've heard of top athletes gaining significant benefits from treatments, why not check it out for yourself?

What's more is you can bundle a session in with a massage and save $$$ too. Check out our specials page as well to see if you can save more!

Our San Antonio Cryotherapy practice is located in the Stone Oak area and easy to get to with plenty parking.

So if you are looking to try something new, check out our Cryotherapy service and experience what this treatment can do for you!

Schedule a session today.