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Massage Therapy $60 For 50 Minutes

Welcome to Dr Golab's Chiropractic & Massage. We have increased our services to now include massage therapy. So if you need a massage near me around Stone Oak, San Antonio, we are your go to place.

COVID-19 Protocols For Massage:

1. Please pay & tip in advance, online prior to your appointment (you can make & pay online)

2. Your room will be sanitized with EPA cleaners and CDC Protocols

3. Clients will need to wear a mask during their session along with the Therapist

4. The Therapist will have sanitizer in the room. The rooms are well ventilated and large for proper airflow

The benefits of massage therapy are numerous. Come in for a relaxing massage to help relieve your stress or pain. Further benefits of massage therapy include:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Improve Circulation
  • Reduce Pain
  • Eliminate Toxins
  • Improve Sleep
  • Enhance Immunity
  • Improve Relaxation
  • Increase Flexibility


Individual Price Pack of 5 Massages
50 minute massage $60
80 minute massage $85
110 minute massage $115

Massage Therapy Stone Oak

Our massage therapists offer the following modalities:

Our massage San Antonio practice is located in the Stone Oak area and easy to get to with plenty parking.

So if you are looking for massage therapy near me, look no further. Let us help you relax and alleviate your stresses and pain.

Schedule a session today.

Our Modalities

Deep Tissue

Our deep tissue massages will allow our therapists to focus on specific pain points of your body and to help invigorate them. Pressure is applied to knots, tendons and muscles as we look to help release pain points and to allow your body to function as it should.


Let our massage therapists give you a nice relaxing Swedish. Allow your stresses and worries to be put aside for an hour or so and enjoy the most popular and well known of massages that will help your body to relax and focus on healing itself as opposed to guarding itself.


Our stretching massages help to keep your muscles and body supple and easier to work with on other massages or therapies. We gently stretch problem areas of your body to allow for more elasticty and better flexibility.


Stone therapy places warm and flat stones at specific points of your body. The heat and weight of the stones helps to relax areas of your body to allow the therapist to work their magic on you with little to no discomfort.


Prenatal massage will help relax you during your pregnancy in a similar way to a Swedish massage relaxes. You will be certain to leave this massage feeling invigorated and relaxed which is essential to feel during pregnancy.

Athletic Recovery

Our athletic recovery massages will help to treat soft tissue injuries and even to help them occurring in the first place. These massages focus on the soft tissue and muscles.

Chosen your modality? Then click here to book now.